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The budget goes through a process as it is created.  It is important that the many legislators who help to write the budget are made aware of the issues faced by Wachusett and other regional school districts and what they can do to help.  Keep it simple.  

Sample e-mail:

“Due to unfunded mandates and the broken funding formula, Wachusett Regional School District has been struggling financially for years.  Please support ALL of the many students who attend regional school districts in Massachusetts in the FY20 budget by
1. Fully funding regional school district transportation at 100% (7035-2006), and
2. Fully funding Circuit Breaker reimbursement for special education at 75% (7061-0012).
These two things would benefit all regional school districts and relieve some of the burden put onto the sending towns.”

Please send an e-mail to the leaders of the HOUSE WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE. 

Please write these e-mails by 3/25/19.

Aaron Michlewitz – Chair, House Ways & Means

Denise Garlick  – Vice Chair, House Ways & Means

Elizabeth Malia  – Asst Vice Chair, House Ways & Means

If you’d like to do more, please follow the campaigns at

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