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Newsletter 9/11/18


A New Year of Advocacy We are preparing to begin a new year of advocacy as the budget cycle begins.  Please join us tomorrow Wednesday, 9/12 at 6:30 pm at the Curriculum Center at the Jefferson School to discuss our advocacy plans for this year.  Bring your ideas and energy…

WRSD Budget by the Numbers


FACTS ABOUT THE WRSD BUDGET See below for some brief explanations.  If you have further questions, please reach out to us. Free, Full-Day K We are one of the 57 school districts out of 314 total total districts in MA that do not have free, full-day kindergarten.   More info…

Support MA Regional Schools


An effort to get all regional school districts to work together recently started on Facebook and has now expanded to it’s own website.  is the home of a coordinated campaign to let the state know that RSDs are working together to get them to listen about fixing our funding…

Help Restore Required State Funding


In 1949 The Massachusetts General Assembly passed a law to encourage smaller towns to share resources by creating regional school districts.  The cost of transportation in regional school districts was promised to be covered by state funding to decrease the burden of these increased costs due to the larger size…