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Posts published in “Newsletter”

Newsletter 11/27/17


With Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday season rolls along…..and so does the budget process. Spreading the word – Our plan to use this season of holiday fairs and festivals to spread the word is moving along. So far we have plans to get the word out at the: Rutland Festival…

Newsletter 11/15/17


WEBSITE!!! –  – We’re so excited to have another way to connect with people.  Check it out and if you don’t have Facebook, you can connect to us on Instagram and Twitter from there.  Please share with your friends and neighbors and even your kids if they are older.  With the success…

Newsletter 11/3/17


This week’s newsletter is dedicated to one topic and one topic alone…….the WRSD Budget Roundtable meeting on 11/2 at the Holden Senior Center. I was so excited to see so many people in the audience.  We filled seats in a big way and I believe that our presence made a difference. The…

Newsletter 10/27/2017


Hi there—- November 2nd Budget Roundtable meeting update – We have 11 people confirmed!!!!!   Hoping for so many more than that.  It would be the greatest way to show that we are interested and ready to show up for a better WRSD budget.     Bring a friend….wear green!  Spread the word!!!   Are you…

Newsletter 10/20/2017


Hi there—-   Because a lot happens during the week, we’re  going to try this method to communicate with those of you on our mailing list.  Otherwise, we’d be sending 10 short emails a week, and who wants that???   November 2nd meeting update – We have 4 people confirmed to be going…