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Newsletter — 1/16/19


Wachusett Update

The Business and Finance committee meeting on 1/14 gave some indication of what the district is thinking for the FY20 budget. Notes from that meeting can be found here. Of note are plans to fund full-day K, pay for the turf field, and push off strategic plan priorities, like reducing class sizes, for one year to keep the budget increase at 4%.

In late January and early February, the administration will visit the selectmen and Fincoms from each town to discuss the draft budget. It is important that you have your voice heard and make sure that your local selectmen know what you think about the budget proposal. You can either speak at public address at a Board of Selectmen meeting or contact them via e-mail. We’ll try to get the dates for these meetings out as soon as we know them.

A link to all of the local elected officials of the WRSD, including school committee members, selectmen, and state officials, can be found here organized by town.

Support MA Regional Schools

Support MA Regional Schools (SMRS) plans to release a series of videos called, “Education Funding Explained”. Please check them out as they are short videos (2-3 minutes) which try to explain some of the vocabulary and concepts of school finance that can be confusing. We’ll link to them on social media once they are released and in the next newsletter

Note: All or most of I Am Wachusett’s state-wide advocacy efforts will continue to be coordinated with Support MA Regional Schools. Please join the Facebook group at Support MA Regional Schools or visit the website at www.supportmaregionalschools.orgFilling seats —  Upcoming meetings:

Filling Seats

  • Tuesday 1/22 — 7pm @ WRHS Media Center — SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING ON ’19-’20 BUDGET — The superintendent will present the first draft of the budget for the 2019-2020 (FY20) school year.  This meeting is a good one to go to if you’ve never been to a school committee meeting.  You’ll get first hand knowledge of the budget and the SC conversation around it.  You will also have the opportunity to stand up at the meeting and speak during public address, which is a great way to publicly tell the SC and the administration what you’d like to see in the final budget proposal.
  • Monday 2/4 —  Superintendent’s Conference Room at the District Office @ 7pm   — BUSINESS & FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING 
  • Tuesday 2/11 —  7pm @ WRHS Media Center — SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING — The FY20 budget book will be presented!

You can always check our calendar for upcoming meetings.  

Email with questions or comments any time.  

As always, thanks for your time and commitment to working toward getting the education our kids deserve!  

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