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Newsletter 4/11/18


100% Transportation Funding Campaign


The House Ways and Means budget has been released.   They raised the line item for RSD transportation funding reimbursement by $1 million.  It’s something, but it’s still $23.5 million away from 100%. We’ve still got multiple chances to see the RSD number raised.  There are multiple amendments being written by reps to get the number raised. Reps will file their amendments on Friday, but will be looking to get as much support for them as possible before filing.

Support MA Regional Schools will be getting people to call their representatives to support or co-sponsor amendments once the amendment numbers are released this afternoon.  See below.


​Support MA Regional Schools


If you haven’t already, join the Facebook group, Support MA Regional Schools. There are over 1,100 members representing 20+ districts.    All or most of I Am Wachusett’s state-wide advocacy efforts will be coordinated with them. Strength in numbers! I Am Wachusett is heavily involved in the planning for the group, so it will always align with our own goals. Join the group or follow along at


Local Planning

Yard signs are coming!!! The hope is that they will be available the week after school vacation and we are in the very beginning stages of planning how to distribute them. We’ll let you know how you can get one soon.

Annual Town Meetings – Facebook events will be created so that you can invite people. These meetings are so very, very important. Please make sure that you plan to attend and bring along a friend. You can vote YES for the WRSD budget and have a say in how your town runs.

If you know of any students who will be 18 that just registered to vote at the high school, they can vote at town meeting too!
Town meeting warrants can be a bit difficult to find in some cases. We’ll do our best to lead you to each town’s warrant once they are made available so that you’ll have a better understanding of what will be voted on at town meeting.
Found this great primer to Town Meeting on Rutland’s website. Town meeting can seem intimidating if you’ve never been to one, but it’s really pretty simple. This is a good primer, but the numbers and some terms are ONLY applicable to Rutland and will differ for the other 4 towns.

Our Next Meeting – We’ve obviously been pretty bad with planning these lately and with Spring upon us with all of the activities it holds, we’ll probably continue to be bad with planning, but we’ll try. Please bare with us and if you have any interest in helping, let us know.

Teacher Contract – Let’s just be clear that this issue has NOTHING to do with the budget or funding. You can research it yourself if you’d like to know more, but we are hoping as all parties involved that the issue will be resolved very quickly. At public address at the 4/9 School Committee meeting, this was read on behalf of I Am Wachusett on the topic….and that’s all we’ll say about that for now.

Filling seats —  Upcoming meetings:

  • Monday, 4/30/18 – School Committee Meeting – 7pm @ WRHS Media Center.
  • Monday 5/7 – PAXTON & STERLING  Town Meetings
  • Saturday, 5/12 – RUTLAND Town Meeting
  • Tuesday, 5/15 – PRINCETON Town Meeting
  • Monday, 5/21 – HOLDEN Town Meeting

You can always check our calendar for upcoming meetings.  

If you can’t make it to these meetings, here’s a few ways to see them:

Email with questions or comments any time.

As always, thanks for your time and commitment to working toward getting the education our kids deserve!  

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