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Fifth Meeting Notes (Paxton)


At our fifth meeting in Paxton, there was plenty of discussion about the recent budget proposal, as well as concerns about town meeting and how to get people there to vote in May.  We were lucky to have one representative from Paxton who helped to give us some insight on Paxton’s issues.  There was also a hearty discussion about the disparity between schools in the district, i.e.  Paxton has 8 students in their half-day K and there are many more in others towns’ programs.

Notes from 1/10/18 meeting

-Sending printed on-line petition to Charlie Baker. 1800 signatures so far. Will be sent every day as the numbers go up.

-Number doubled after joined forces with Ash/Westminster SOCS, They are helping to get PTO info from all the regional districts

-All academic regional superintendents were emailed, heard back from 4 so far

-There has been communication with all teachers union heads in those districts

-Baker budget out on 1/24

-Should we focus on the House and Senate instead?  Update Harriette Chandler on petition numbers.

-Reviewed WRSD budget proposal from SC meeting

-How do we want to get the word out? How do we educate people?  Would the Landmark run what a town meeting’s for?  Write a speak out?

-Lauren and Linda got interviewed for the Clinton Item (newspaper).

How to get the word out?

-stand outs

-lawn signs


-get student to speak at town meetings

-how to get the word out about what is missing. Teachers afraid to speak out.

-How can MARS help?  Could they make yard signs for all the Regional school districts?

-Is there any way we could print something about town meeting and send it home?

-Could we make a list of what the PTOs are covering?  

-a PTO summit?

-What should the sign say? (We are one Wachusett, Yes to schools, get other ideas from FB)

When is town warrant ready (printed)? How can we get it out there?

-It’s made available at least 7 days before town meeting – we need to lead people to it.

Next meeting – Wednesday 2/7 at the Thirsty Lab in Princeton

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