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Who are these people?


Why aren’t I writing letters to my own representatives?

After a few questions about why we are targeting who we are targeting in our 100% transportation funding campaign, it’s time for an explanation of who they are.

The budget starts in the Governor’s office, so we target Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito with the hope that the budget will come out of their office with 100% transportation funding reimbursement included.  Last year’s budget came out of their office with 73% and it grew only a slight amount in the final budget.

Representative Jeffrey Sanchez is the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee.  This committee is the first place the governor’s budget goes after it is released on the 4th Wednesday of January — that’s 1/24/18 this year.  The Ways and Means Committee’s duty is to “consider all matters relating to the finances of the Commonwealth”.  After they make recommendations, they hold public hearings, and then the budget goes to the full House of Representatives, where Reps. offer amendments and debate the bill.

Senator Karen Spilka is the chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  This is where the budget bill makes it’s next stop after coming out of the House of Representatives.  The budget bill follows essentially the same sequence of events as it did in the House.

Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz is the Senate chair of the Committee on Education.  Representative Alice Hanlon Peisch is the House chair of the committee on education. They are well versed in education issues and well poised to explain why this money would help regional school districts during House and Senate debates on the budget.

Click here for a better summary of the state budget process from the state’s website.

Hope this helps!  And please, email us with any more questions.


  1. […] ​Only 2 days until Governor Baker’s budget comes out on 1/24. After this, it will be important to re-target our letter writing campaign to the House of Representatives. Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez is the head of House Ways and Means, so he’s the person to target. After a few questions, a page was added to the website which explains why we’re targeting certain people, find it here. […]

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