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Newsletter 1/5/18


100% Transportation Funding Campaign – We’re expanding the campaign — to the entire state!!!! The petition is being edited a bit so that it’s applicable to all regional school districts. Check it out by clicking the link. We’ve created an alliance with a similar group to ours, the Support our Children And Schools group of the Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District. Check out their website at Together we will work to reach out to all of the regional school districts in the state. We’ve made some contacts already and will continue to do so. We’re a bit stalled out at ALMOST 1,000 signatures (not too shabby though!) on this on-line petition, so expanding its audience will certainly help us get to 10,000 signatures.

Update – Since I wrote this, climbing over 1,000:)

Spreading the word – We got a small blurb in the Landmark’s Year in Review issue. It was nice to see our efforts recognized. Let’s make sure we keep up the good work so that we make it into the next Year in Review issue! Also mentioned in the Landmark was our own Tyler Gibbs, who was nice enough to give our group a shout-out in his profile as one of the Wachusett region’s Future Leaders. Congrats and thanks,Tyler!

As the budget season heats up, a good way to spread the word might be to talk to neighbors and friends in the district. You can send them to the website or print them a pamphlet, which can be found here. At next week’s meeting, we’ll be discussing new ways to reach out to the citizens of the WRSD; please join us if you have any good ideas.

Our Next Meeting – Our next meeting is on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 @ 7pm at the Paxton Senior Center. Please join us! Always lots to discuss and we need dedicated, passionate people to share their ideas. The flyer can be found here. It can be difficult to do new things sometimes, but don’t be intimidated by this group – we’re just a bunch of people who didn’t know each other before, with hopes of helping the district. Hope you might join us.

Filling seats— Upcoming meetings:

  • Monday, 1/8 – WRSD Budget Retreat/ SC Meeting – 7pm @ WRHS Media Center – At this meeting, you can speak during public address to tell the district administration and school committee what you’d like to see in the budget. You’ll also get to hear the first public discussions about the budget. Hoping we can fill lots of seats at this one!
  • Monday, 2/12 – Annual Budget Hearing – 7pm @ WRHS Media Center – At this meeting, discussions of the budget will revolve around the state’s budget numbers at the time and how that budget will affect the WRSD budget.
  • Keep an eye out for Board of Selectman and Finance Committee meetings in your town that may revolve around the WRSD budget. It’s a hot topic because the WRSD is atleast 50% of each town’s budget. Go to your town’s website every so often and check the public meeting calendar. Note the date of the meetings and then click on the meeting a few days before it, when the agenda for the meeting will be posted. This way you’ll know what’s up for discussion at that meeting.

You can always check our calendar for upcoming meetings. We’re trying to get town-specific meetings on there. If anyone can help out with this, let us know.

Email with questions or comments any time. As always, thanks for your time and commitment to working toward getting the education our kids deserve!


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