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Newsletter 12/13/17


100% Transportation Funding Campaign – It’s working!!!  We are so happy to know that Rep. Ferguson and Rep. Naughton have already heard from Rep. Peisch about hearing about our community’s demand for this funding.  We must continue to communicate with our 6 targets as the budget process continues through the first half of 2018.

  • We have 743 signatures on the petition currently.  The hope was to have 1000 by tomorrow.  We may miss that, but no worries!  We plan to keep hammering away and asking more and more people to join us in this effort.  If we can get other regional school districts to pass this petition around, I don’t see why we can’t get 10,000 signatures.  I, personally, am targeting anyone in MA that I know – signers do not need to be from one of the WRSD towns to sign.
  • Paper petition – We have 75 signatures on the hard copy of the petition.  Even if they’ve signed the change. org petition, encourage people to also sign this one.  If half of the people who receive this newsletter could fill one page with signatures, that would be 780 more signatures.  The more evidence we can show the state that people know they are under-funding our schools, the better.  The hard copy of the petition can be found here.
  • ​Letters and e-mails – Though there is no way to track how many are getting to our 6 targets, I’d say it’s quite a few.  I try to send a few emails a week and have also written letters.  I know others have done the same.  We can keep it up and try to get our neighbors and friends to write at least one letter as the budget process goes on.  Don’t forget that we’ve tried to make it easy, just click on TAKE ACTION.

Spreading the word – We certainly expanded our reach beyond Facebook in December.  We got exposure at 3 community events – Rutland Festival of Trees, Davis Hill Holiday Fair, and the Houghton Holiday Fair.  At the holiday fairs, we had people fill out our form letters and sign our paper petition.  We also had pamphlets available, which can be found here.  People learned who we are and what we are working toward.  As people become familiar with us and our presence, they will be more likely to take action and do what they can to help.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with these events!!!  If you know of any upcoming events where we can spread the word, please let us know.


​​12/6/17 Meeting in Sterling – We had some special guests join us for this meeting to help us figure out how to best get the attention of the state, as well as some representatives from Sterling to discuss the particular issues that Sterling faces.  Those guests were Representative Kim Ferguson, Maureen Cranson, Ross Perry, Steve Hemman from the MA Association of Regional Schools (MARS) , Representative Harold Naughton – District 2 Sterling, and Sarah LaMountain – WRSDSC rep.

We had a great discussion about the progress of the campaign so far and how to further it. We discussed how to get high school students involved, as well as how to inform the rest of the communities including senior citizens. The hope is to create a slideshow presentation that anyone can use to inform any groups they may be involved with. More about this after the new year! The meeting notes can be found here.

Check out the article in the Landmark about the meeting… http://www. wachusett-in-action-tackles- transportation-funding/

Our Next Meeting – Our next meeting is on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 @ 7pm at the Paxton Senior Center.  Please join us!  Bring a friend!  I’m sure we’ll be discussing the WRSD Budget Retreat from earlier that week.  We’ll also be discussing our next steps.  This is a community movement and we need dedicated, passionate people to share their ideas.
The flyer can be found here.

Filling seats—  Upcoming meetings:

  • Monday, 1/8 – WRSD Budget Retreat – This is a BIG one.  We need to spread the word about this one far and wide.  This is where you can speak to tell the school committee and administration what you think should be in next year’s budget.
    You can always check our calendar for upcoming meetings.

Email with questions or comments any time.  As always, thanks for your time and commitment to working toward getting the education our kids deserve!

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