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Posts published in December 2017

Newsletter 12/13/17


100% Transportation Funding Campaign – It’s working!!!  We are so happy to know that Rep. Ferguson and Rep. Naughton have already heard from Rep. Peisch about hearing about our community’s demand for this funding.  We must continue to communicate with our 6 targets as the budget process continues through the first…

Fourth Meeting Notes (Sterling)


Below are the notes from our fourth meeting which was held in Sterling.  We were lucky enough to have some special guests who were able to give their unique perspective from the state and from Sterling itself.  The special guests were: Town Administrator – Ross Perry, Maureen Cranson – Chair of…

Newsletter 12/5/17


100% Transportation Funding Campaign – If the goal of starting our campaign with an on-line petition was to quickly spread the word about I Am Wachusett itself and one of the district’s revenue problems, I’d say we reached it.As of this newsletter, we have 672 supporters of our petition and this newsletter…