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Help Restore Required State Funding


In 1949 The Massachusetts General Assembly passed a law to encourage smaller towns to share resources by creating regional school districts.  The cost of transportation in regional school districts was promised to be covered by state funding to decrease the burden of these increased costs due to the larger size of these new regional school districts.

Since 1949 the Legislature has failed to meet their promise every single year.  This funding shortfall last year in Wachusett District was $900,428.  This takes money away from funding teachers, books, guidance counselors and many other areas necessary for our children’s education.

To help our district and all districts make the state legislature meet their promise and provide this funding to our schools please Write a Letter, Email, and Call your reps and the governors office.

Also sign our petition to reinstate 100% Regional Transportation Funding.

For more information on the history of this and the details of our campaign visit our 100% Transportation page.

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