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Newsletter 11/15/17

WEBSITE!!! –  – We’re so excited to have another way to connect with people.  Check it out and if you don’t have Facebook, you can connect to us on Instagram and Twitter from there.  Please share with your friends and neighbors and even your kids if they are older.  With the success of the recent milk petition at the high school, the strength of our student population is obvious.  Let’s hope we can get them on board.  
9/11/18 Meeting – It was great to have some people representing Rutland so we would get a better idea of how to reach out — thanks for coming and please join us again if you can.
Spreading the word – At our last meeting, we discussed ways of letting people know about our group and our cause.  We plan to use this season of holiday fairs and festivals to spread the word.   So far we have plans to get the word out at the:

  • Rutland Festival of Trees 12/1-12/3
  • Davis Hill PTA Craft Fair on 12/9
  • Houghton PTO Holiday Fair on 12/9
Be on the look out for a sign-up in the near future.  These ideas are great, but it takes actions to get them done.  And we need some help with that.  We know everyone can’t make it to meetings, but we really hope that you can find some time to help at other times, whether it be making materials, attending events for us, or anything else that needs to be done. 

Our Introduction – Last night, I gave a brief introduction of our group at the public hearing of the school committee meeting.  There were MANY teachers in the audience when I spoke and I got a nice round of applause from them.  Here’s what I said:​

Our next meeting – We are making our way around the district.  It’s your turn, Sterling!  We’ll meet on Wednesday 12/6 @ 7pm at First Church in Sterling. 


***  Also be on the look-out for a very kid-friendly, daytime meeting, which will be an additional time to add your voice to the conversation in person.  Details coming soon.  If anyone can help coordinate this, please reach out.  


100% Transporation Funding Campaign – This is our new goal….a structured campaign with a petition and then a letter writing campaign to be added later.  Our 11/18 meeting notes show how we came to this decision.

The state promised to pay 100% of regional transportation funding, but instead they’re providing our district only 73% of what they promised!!! That’s not fair and our towns have to make up the difference of over a million dollars. That’s a million dollars that could be going to new textbooks, technology, more teachers, etc.

We need to make them pay what they promised. For this reason, I Am Wachusett is starting the 100% Transportation Funding campaign. Together, we can get the state to listen and pay up!!!

What we need is a catchy phrase and a unique graphic to get the word out about this campaign. Since it involves our regional transportation, we believe a bus is a good starting point…….maybe ~73% of a bus.
As budgets are already being created, we need to get moving!!!
Please submit your ideas for a phrase or graphic to
Submissions are still being accepted – especially for graphics.. After which point, we’ll vote and get the campaign started ASAP with  petition that is currently being drafted.


Filling seats—  Though our short term goal has shifted to a focus on the 100% Transportation Funding campaign, we need to remain committed to our mission of “promot[ing] communication and cooperation among its member towns through an engaged and informed population.”
We can do this by attending meetings of the WRSD and the member towns to be aware of all of the issues that affect our five towns and our school district.
Upcoming meetings:


  • Wednesday, 11/15 Rutland Special Town Meeting @ 7pm at Glenwood ***A change in Rutland’s Annual Town Meeting date from May to June is being voted on at this meeting.  If approved, this change would have an effect on the WRSD budget process/ timeline.
  • Wednesday, 11/27 Holden Special Town Meeting @ 7pm at WRHS
  • Tuesday, 11/28 Joint SC Meeting with Quabbin Regional School District to discuss Auditor’s report @6:30 pm
  • Monday, 12/11  School Committee Meeting

You can always check our calendar for upcoming meetings.

Thanks for your time and commitment to working toward getting the education our kids deserve!

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