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Newsletter 11/3/17


This week’s newsletter is dedicated to one topic and one topic alone…….the WRSD Budget Roundtable meeting on 11/2 at the Holden Senior Center.

I was so excited to see so many people in the audience.  We filled seats in a big way and I believe that our presence made a difference.
The welcome address by Holden’s town mananger to those present at the table included a joke about the main rule being not to poke each other’s eyes out.  From this, I got the feeling that this meeting has been contentious in years past. This was the third annual budget roundtable.  From that comment alone, I was expecting some fireworks.
Well, there weren’t fireworks.  Honestly, I walked out of that meeting feeling that most of the towns had nothing but a desire to support the school budget, but wrestled with decisions  about their own towns.  I walked away with an actions item…..write letters, have my friends write letters, and have my neighbors write letters, heck even my kids write letters, to those who might help our transportation be funded fully by the state.
I am attaching below my notes from the meeting.  They may not be completely accurate (i.e. who said what), but they are close.
If you weren’t there, I hope it gives you a glimpse of what was said.  If you were there, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for being a part of this.  Last night really proved to me that our presence matters and we can create positive change for the students of the WRSD.
Hope to see many of you in Rutland on 11/8!!!!!!

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