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Newsletter 10/27/2017

Hi there—-
November 2nd Budget Roundtable meeting update – We have 11 people confirmed!!!!!   Hoping for so many more than that.  It would be the greatest way to show that we are interested and ready to show up for a better WRSD budget.    
Bring a friend….wear green!  Spread the word!!!  
Are you going?  RSVP here to Google, or on Facebook here
Our next meeting – Wednesday, November 8 at 7pm at Rutland Community Center – 53 Glenwood Rd. Rutland, MA 01543.  Please join us and spread the word to anyone in Rutland you might know.  Thanks!  Flyer attached below.​

We are not alone—  The Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District shares many of our district’s problems.  So, in January 2016, they formed a grassroots movement – JUST LIKE OURS!!!  Check out their website  We’ll be reaching out to them in the near future.
“Filling seats” — I came out of our last meeting feeling like this was an easy way to sum up one of our short term goals – to fill seats at SC and town meetings to let all parties involved in the WRSD budget know that we are there and ready to help.
  • Princeton 10/19 BOS & Advisory Committee (We were invited to attend) – Thanks to Denise for going.  Her notes: 
    • Constraints of the budget on all departments and stressed the need for efficiency of all departments given limited financial resources.  
    • In terms of issues specific to the schools, they discussed regional transportation funding and the state’s role as well as the debt service schedules of Princeton and other towns affecting the budget and subsequent support or non-support of proposed school budgets.  
    • It was indicated that overall WRSD budget  increases are unsustainable, especially in that all other departments have been level funded or at least level serviced.  
    • They discussed long-term financial aid forecasting for the town.  
    • Nina was very gracious in welcoming me and one of the selectman spoke to me after indicating that there is strong support for the schools but the financial constraints are significant.  “Princeton is just a very small town:)”
Auditor‘s Report – This report was released on 10/28 by the MA State Auditor Suzanne Bump.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can read it here…  (Skip to page 25 and 32, and then 34 to read about the recommendations).  
HELP!!!! – We appreciate any help we can get.    Have ideas?  Doing something on your own that the group can help with?  Let us know.  Big Thanks this week to:
  • Linda for helping with finding venues for meetings and writing a letter to the editor of the Landmark.  
  • Laura for working on a letter to state legiaslators and phone call script.  We’ll discuss this at our 11/8 meeting. 
  • We’re still looking for volunteers to help with calendars!!!

Spreading the word –  FB page is going well.  If anyone wants to contribute, let us know.  Website is being worked on.  We’re in contact with a group called Wachusett Huddle for Action to let them know about our mission.  If you know of any other groups in the area that might be interested in our mission, let us know or feel free to reach out yourself.

Our introduction –  An e-mail was sent to the PTOs of all the schools in the district introducing our group.  We may need to reach out to these groups on Facebook, because I didn’t get any responses and some of the PTOs don’t have email addresses listed.  
That’s all for now.  Hope to see many of you at the 11/2 meeting and the 11/8 meeting.  
Lauren and Jana
As always, you can email us to add people to this mailing list, remove yourself, or with any questions or comments.

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