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Newsletter 10/20/2017


Hi there—-

Because a lot happens during the week, we’re  going to try this method to communicate with those of you on our mailing list.  Otherwise, we’d be sending 10 short emails a week, and who wants that???
November 2nd meeting update – We have 4 people confirmed to be going and as discussed at the last meeting, it would be amazing to get this number as high as possible. Very few citizens, if any, have attended these meetings in the past and what a great way to show them we’re there to help than by simply showing up to listen.  Bring a friend….wear green!
Are you going?  RSVP here to Google, or on Facebook here
Our next meeting – Officially confirmed for Wednesday, November 8 at 7pm at Rutland Community Center – 53 Glenwood Rd. Rutland, MA 01543.  It’s free! Please join us and spread the word to anyone in Rutland you might know.  We’ll try to keep meetings to the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  There is also talk of holding secondary meetings during the day at kid-friendly locations to get those who can’t attend night meetings because of kids, work, or the like.  Any thoughts or ideas about this???  Let us know.  
HELP!!!! – We appreciate any help we can get.  
  • We are currently looking for people who might have knowledge of graphics and design.  We are hoping to launch a website soon and need some graphics to catch the eye of those unfamiliar with us.  A logo and website make us appear more legitimate to the public and as we get off the ground, that’s important!
  • We are also looking for 1 representative from each of the 5 towns to help maintain a calendar of meetings.  This will entail checking the town website every couple of days and adding events to a shared calendar which will then be posted on the website.
  • Please respond to this email if you have any interest in either of these opportunities…..or any other ideas of how you can help out.

Spreading the word – We currently have 106 “follows” on the public FB page and 100 “likes”.  This email has gone out to 34 of you.  We’d love to get this number higher.  We’re going to attempt to make a simple video that can be shared to explain “Why should I care about the WRSD budget?”  So, tell us, why?  Why should people care?  What are students missing out on?  What are the consequences of the low budget?   Short, simple answers will suffice.  Write them here.  You can forward this form on to friends by copying and pasting the link into an email  or on Facebook.

Our introduction –  An e-mail was sent to all town managers and school committee members to introduce our group, our mission statement, and our willingness to help.  An e-mail was also sent to Senator Harriette Chandler and Holden’s state representative Kim Ferguson (who also likes our FB page).  You can send an email, letter, or make a phone call to state your commitment to helping.  Contact info for our state legislators can be found here.  We are also reaching out to each schools PTO to let them know about our mission.
Thanks for all of the help and support.  Looking forward to seeing many of you on 11/2 & 11/8!  Here are links to the flyers for the 11/2 Budget Roundtable meeting.  11/8 meeting flyer coming soon.   
Lauren and Jana

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