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I Am Wachusett

#IamWachusett was started as a social media campaign on Facebook in April of 2015 just before the WRSD budget went to the town meetings. It became an online rallying point for parents across the district. In September of 2017, after another difficult time passing the budget throughout the district, it was further expanded to become an organized movement. The first meeting was held on September 6th with representation from all 5 towns and the school district administration.

Mission Statement:

The mission of I Am Wachusett (IAW) is to promote and maintain the well-being of the Wachusett Regional School District (WRSD) and to promote communication and cooperation among its member towns through an engaged and informed population.   IAW seeks to promote a healthy and well-financed school system for all students.


We hope to fulfill our mission through actions that include sharing budget impacts on the district, educating parents on the process and importance of town meetings, and continued engagement with the community.